9 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies

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Marketing often involves a lot of time and research. And in the B2B world, that strategy must be hyper-targeted to reach your ideal client. Even if you work with a B2B marketing agency you need to understand your target audience and find ways to outsmart your competition.

If you want to stand out, use these tips to develop effective B2B marketing strategies.

Understand Your Target Audience

The first step for devising an effective B2B marketing strategy is to research your audience. You need to know the needs and wants of your potential clients.

With business-to-consumer (B2C) advertising, you are promoting products or services to individuals. B2B sales often involve multiple decision-makers within an organization.

Several people may need to sign off before completing a purchase. This requires a unique advertising approach.

When researching your target audience, consider the needs of the entire business. Create marketing personas for each business type, size, or industry that benefits most from your offerings.

List the most common pain points for each persona and then list how your products or services solve those issues. These details will help with each stage of your B2B marketing strategy.

Generate Informative Content

Understanding your target audience allows you to create content that addresses their concerns.

The most basic content includes the general product or services pages on your website. However, you also need to create detailed whitepapers, eBooks, and case studies to help highlight features and benefits.

Content is key to guiding your sales prospects through the buying process. With each step in the journey, they need additional content to help inform others within their organizations.

Blogs, articles, newsletters, social media content, webinars, and infographics are effective ways to deliver content. You will also need quality content for your sales funnels, including the use of landing pages and emails.

Create Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most used B2B advertising strategies for acquiring new leads. Optimize these pages with content geared toward specific audiences.

Each landing page should have its own goal, such as acquiring contact information. However, many visitors are not ready to give away their contact info without more research.

Besides using a call to action (CTA) for visitors to fill out a form, you can use a CTA to direct visitors to other pages on your website.

For example, you may lead visitors to a detailed report, allowing them to acquire more information before giving you their email addresses and phone numbers.

Automate the Sales Funnel

Email marketing provides a way to automate your sales funnel. After acquiring contact information, you need to follow up on your leads. Email marketing is the most cost-effective solution for this task.

With email marketing, you can continue to deliver informative content to your sales prospects. You can also send reminders, updates, or special promotions.

These steps help you nurture your leads, moving them further in the decision-making process. By automating a portion of this process using a CRM, you can reduce the time spent on each sales prospect.

Implement Best SEO Practices

After generating landing pages, web pages, emails, and lots of content, you need to optimize everything using good B2B SEO practices.

Use targeted keywords, meta tags, structured data, and other SEO solutions to help increase organic search rankings. Create rich, valuable content your target market needs.

SEO drives organic traffic to your sites, increasing your authority and brand recognition. However, it is just one method for generating traffic.

Drive Traffic with Paid Advertising

With paid B2B advertising, you gain instant traffic from highly targeted audiences. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are fully customizable and almost always contain a high ROI. You can start a campaign with any budget and alter it based on the results.

For example, you may find that specific keywords result in higher conversion rates or click-through rates. Once you gather this data, you can scale your campaigns to gain even more clients.

Focusing on SEO and content creation before starting a PPC campaign also increases the effectiveness of your paid advertising. PPC platforms often analyze your landing pages to determine the relevance to your ads.

Employ Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Account based marketing has taken the B2B world by storm. At its core, it is the practice of creating content and sales strategies that are targeted to exact clients or industries. Instead of casting a wide net, B2B companies are using platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and tools like LeadFeeder to gather data on their most valuable targets. Advertising platforms like RollWorks now use multiple data points to show ads to specific companies or even specific people at a company. Account based marketing has grown in popularity and is a must in your B2B advertising strategy.

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Use Retargeting to Maximize ROI

As mentioned, most first-time visitors do not leave their contact information. Retargeting helps you bring lost visitors back to your website or landing page.

When a visitor browses your site and leaves without taking any kind of meaningful action, a display ad is shown to them. This recaptures their interest, bringing them back to your website and keeps your company top of mind.

By reengaging visitors back to your site, you get more out of your B2B advertising efforts for a fraction of the cost. You end up with a greater return on investment and more sales prospects.

Receive Help Developing B2B Marketing Strategies

You may also consider partnering with an experienced B2B advertising agency. This can save you time and yield better results.

A dependable agency can help with each of the stages discussed. They can also review your existing strategies and devise a plan that meets your specific needs.

Along with these strategies, continue to monitor your competition. Pay attention to their advertising methods to see what works and mirror some of their techniques.


Austin Cline is the founder and CEO of ASUN Digital. He frequently writes about brand strategy and digital marketing with expertise in B2B marketing. He has served as a senior director of marketing and director of digital and web for previous marketing agencies and has over 10 years of marketing experience. You can follow him on Twitter at @_austincline or connect with him on LinkedIn by visiting his profile.