Brand strategy

We approach every project, every initiative and campaign with a view of brand. Clarity and consistency in your brand message is the key to long term growth, and we know how to dig deep to help you define that message.

Our Specialties

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive Audit
  • Rollout & Transition
  • Brand Strategy & Systems
  • Brand Consolidation


    Whether interviewing stakeholders, auditing competition, or testing products, we examine every angle of your brand to build a complete and accurate picture of where you are today.


    The next step is to look forward. We’ll work with you to map out where your business needs to expand, new market opportunities, or brand perception changes to tackle.


    The process culminates in a targeted and detailed brand strategy. We’ll guide you from concept to execution to protect your brand equity while progressively reaching your goals.

    "They transformed every aspect of our brand"

    Jonathan Goodman The PTDC Founder The PTDC

    Over the last several years, ASUN Digital has helped us establish a brand system that transformed the way we market every aspect our company—from our website, to product design and packaging, to advertising. Since working with ASUN, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our business and expanded influence in our industry.

    Become the Industry Leader

    In a day and age where technology holds an ever-growing presence in advertising, we believe it’s first and foremost the idea that sells. Our process is tried-and-true to deliver great ideas that will help strengthen your brand so your business can grow.


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