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What ADA Compliance Means for Websites and Why It’s Important

As an English-speaking American, I’m used to walking into any store, restaurant, government building, or transportation center and being able to communicate with people through written or spoken word. But if you’ve ever been in a foreign country where you don't speak the native tongue, you’ll know the frustration that comes from being unable to communicate....

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Designing for Speed: 5 Keys to Boost Your WordPress Website Page Speed

When smartphones and tablets were new and responsive website design was in its infancy, web design had several recognizable trends: large, hi-resolution header images, parallax, and lots of motion effects. While the websites looked beautiful, they had a problem: They were painfully slow. This was particularly true of WordPress websites, which utilized themes and...

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What is Programmatic Display Advertising? A 2019 Guide

When most companies think of placing a programmatic buy, they think of a costly, complicated campaign. What most brands should realize is programmatic advertising offers targeting power and efficiency conventional display outlets simply can’t reach. High-tech analytical software allows advertisers to place ads directly on websites that are beyond the capacity of Google and other...

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