Why B2B Companies Must Invest in Digital Marketing

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The digital age has really transformed the way businesses advertise, market, and engage with their respective audiences. Digital marketing has had a particularly big impact on how B2B companies effectively market themselves. In this article, we will be going over some of the different ways digital marketing has changed the way companies generate leads, improve brand awareness, and how B2B businesses are effectively incorporating various digital marketing strategies to be successful in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.

How Digital Marketing Is Helping B2B Businesses:

1. Traffic Generation.

For one, effective digital marketing can increase traffic to a company’s website. Through effective digital marketing execution, a business should be able to effectively generate much more organic and paid traffic to its website. This alone makes it work it. With a high converting website, any traffic generation is going to yield good results. Being able to bring more prospective clients to your website can only result in more warm leads and direct sales for your business. Best of all, the traffic that you are able to generate can be heavily targeted whether through organic or paid platforms.

With organic traffic generation, the traffic can be targeted through the use of respective buying keywords and key phrases that are used within the industry. Whereas, if you utilize and leverage paid advertising methods like Google Ads, you can narrow the ads to focus on buying keywords and phrases that are regularly used within the search engines. Thus, the ability to target through the optimization of these strategies makes them incredibly useful to B2B businesses operating in any industry.

2. Brand Awareness.

Another way digital marketing is helping is through generating increased brand awareness. When you are operating in a competitive industry, it can be very difficult to generate sufficient brand awareness. After all, the entire marketplace is looking to achieve more brand awareness which can make things very competitive. By effectively incorporating digital marketing into your marketing mix, you should be able to improve your brand awareness throughout the marketplace by getting your website to rank higher within the search engines, displaying paid advertising to your target market, and by improving your digital presence with the proper execution of social media marketing.

3. Decreased Costs.

Believe it or not, but digital marketing is something that can significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs relative to other marketing platforms. Marketing and advertising your B2B business successfully offline can be very difficult, to say the least. Not only that, but it can get very expensive. By actively marketing your business through digital strategies and efforts, you should be able to cut down on the total cost to market your business by a significant amount. Not only is a strategy like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a strategy that will not require a lot of financial investment, but even paid strategies like Pay Per Click (PPC) can convert at a high level with the right optimization.

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Now that we have gone over some of the different ways a digital marketing strategy can help a B2B business succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, we will be going over some of the different ways B2B companies are successfully leveraging digital marketing strategies to improve their marketing efforts as a whole.

Different Ways B2B Companies Are Using Digital Marketing:

1. Optimized Website.

One of the most important things that you have to do when you are looking to create a much more effective digital presence is to focus on your website. B2B businesses are leveraging their website to create a much more professional appearance and to enhance brand trust. B2B customers are generally going to be much more selective with the businesses that they trust and do business with. Because of this, a B2B business should place a significant focus on having a comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing, and speedy website that is optimized to convert. B2B businesses are doing this by creating aesthetically pleasing websites that perform well and put the brand in a good and authoritative position within the industry. They are incorporating a lot of testimonials and reviews on their website which helps boost social proofing which can increase brand trust.

2. Content Marketing.

Another essential aspect of digital marketing that has to be integrated into a businesses marketing mix would be content marketing. Creating high-quality content is very important for a business that is looking to attract other businesses to purchase from them because a business has different needs than a consumer. Any business is going to be looking for another business that can bring them value. Thus, by focusing on content marketing, B2B businesses are capable of demonstrating their value and the value that they would bring in a partnership of sorts. By creating content, B2B businesses are able to position themselves as an authoritative brand and business within their respective niche. Along with this, they are able to answer questions, inform the customer, and everything else which can yield better conversions.

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3. Pay Per Click (PPC).

PPC is one of the most effective mediums for B2B businesses and more and more are relying on it to effectively market their business online. B2B businesses typically have much higher customer acquisition costs than B2C businesses largely because there is a much smaller market and it is harder to target the narrow market.

However, with PPC, you are able to narrow down your advertising and marketing to a specific subset of demographic and target market. This alone makes it much easier to pinpoint your advertising to reach those that you are targeting and who are much more likely to convert. This is what makes PPC so powerful for a B2B business. Being able to narrow down your advertising to a specific subset of your audience allows you to optimize your marketing efforts to the point where you can limit the amount of money you end up having to spend on marketing altogether.

4. LinkedIn Advertising.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to sell to other businesses because it features businesses that are actively seeking mutually rewarding partnerships. Another good thing about LinkedIn advertising is the number of decision-makers that you will find active on the platform. Therefore, by effectively using a platform with so many decision-makers, you can really cut through a lot of the costs and time it would normally take to directly engage with and target these decision-makers. Along with other types of PPC advertising, you will be able to narrow down your ads to target those that are most likely to convert.

5. Video Marketing.

More and more businesses are looking to engage in this kind of marketing which has its own unique advantages. Unlike other kinds of marketing, video is uniquely engaging. Not only do people love looking at videos, but they are generally much more informative and they can help to build much better trust levels.

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When you are actively targeting businesses, it is better to leverage video to better demonstrate and tell something at the same time which is what video allows you to do. This is what makes video marketing so effective for both B2B and B2C companies.

Along with this, video marketing has become a much more accessible and a much more viable option for even smaller businesses due to the decreasing costs associated with producing and sharing videos on various platforms. Previously, video marketing was something that was reserved for businesses that could afford to spend thousands or even millions on it. Whereas, it only costs a mere fraction of that now.

With YouTube ads, the ability to embed videos on social media and your own website, and through other methods, you should be able to engage in video marketing in a way that is very much affordable for your business.

6. Remarketing.

Companies are leveraging the power of remarketing. Nowadays, marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, and others have the ability to trace visitors that previously showed interest in your brand, website, or business. Therefore, you can leverage this by remarketing to this traffic which is only going to boost your conversions significantly. If a business had a decision-maker visit your website, you could actively market to them through remarketing channels which will allow you to increase your odds of converting them from a prospect into an actual customer for your business.

Overall, there are so many ways that digital marketing can benefit your business. Not only is it going to be an effective way to reduce the amount of money your company is forced to spend on marketing and customer acquisition, but it is a great way to get the word out about your business and build on brand awareness. It can also be a very effective way to better position your business in the marketplace to enhance the perception of your brand and even to build trust with your respective audience. When leveraged and executed effectively, there is no marketing medium that is more powerful. Digital marketing is a huge part of any business, but it is specifically rewarding for B2B businesses.


Austin Cline is the founder and CEO of ASUN Digital. He frequently writes about brand strategy and digital marketing with expertise in B2B marketing. He has served as a senior director of marketing and director of digital and web for previous marketing agencies and has over 10 years of marketing experience. You can follow him on Twitter at @_austincline or connect with him on LinkedIn by visiting his profile.