Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO strategies target your customers at each stage of the buyer journey, meaning your brand gets increased visibility and increased sales.

Companies that invest in SEO get an increase of 67% more leads through organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is a term that gets thrown around a lot at marketing agencies. At ASUN Digital, we don't just put keywords on your website and hope it ranks. Our SEO team stays on top of every change in search engine algorithms and knows where to focus to get your website on page one and drive the traffic you need.


When is SEO right for your company?

  • You're launching a new website and want to make sure your traffic doesn't drop
  • Your organic traffic is flatlining month after month
  • Your competition always ranks ahead of you in keyword searches vital to your business
  • You're producing content at a high level but organic traffic and sales remain low
  • Paid advertising is becoming too expensive and the ROI is low
  • Your in-house marketing team lacks the expertise to create and execute an SEO plan

How an SEO Campaign Works

Website Audit & Research

We analyze your current website and identify all weaknesses - from the technical structure to the content - that prevent your website from ranking. We research your competition, perform keyword and audience research, and create the strategy for your SEO.

Technical Development

Our in-house team is built with expert ux/ui designers and full stack developers who know how look under the hood of your website. Before investing your money in content development, we identify and fix issues with your website that negatively affect SEO like page speed, coding errors, mobile responsiveness, missing markup, and more.

Content Creation

We use the data-driven research and strategy we created in Phase 1 and work with our writers and your team to create a library of posts and pages that we can use for articles and promotions. Our typical output is one to two blogs per week and one page per week, as-needed.

Outreach + Promotion

We work with a network of publishers, journalists, and site owners to promote your content and obtain backlinks. Like a mini PR campaign, this increases your brand awareness and simultaneously boosts your rankings.

Some of our SEO Clients Results


Website design and SEO generated 40% higher organic traffic in 12 months.

CLIENT: Niche Pet Provider Results:

Website design and SEO ranked top 3 statewide for targeted, buyer keywords

CLIENT: B2B Service Company Results:

SEO and website design doubled organic traffic in competitive niche in just 3 months

pattern SEO Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is SEO important for my company?

    SEO has a strong and proven ROI. Companies that invest in SEO get an increase of 67% more leads through their organic traffic. But SEO isn't just for higher rankings; it's about building authority and reaching your target audience at every step of the buyer journey.

  • What's the difference between SEO and PPC?

    PPC, also known as paid advertising, is when you pay to have your content displayed on Google or other channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. SEO is organic and uses content strategy and outreach to increase your website's rankings on Google without paying.

  • When will we see results?

    Once we begin content output and outreach, we aim to increase organic traffic by 40-50% within 4 months or less. However, because every industry is different, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer.

  • Do you guarantee results?

    Google is rather cryptic with its SEO algorithm updates. For that reason, we can't guarantee your website will rank higher. However, we do have the experience to know what does and doesn't work, and we do everything in our power to get you the results you're looking for. Check out our results above for proof.

  • My website just got penalized. Can you help?

    Yes. In fact, we've helped companies in sensitive industries like natural health and wellness recover from major penalties to regain their organic traffic.

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

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  • A full audit of your website to identify optimizations
  • Up to 5 SEO topics you can use to boost your organic traffic
  • A recommended budget and timeline to see maximum SEO results
  • And much more...

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