The Power of Native Advertising

asun digital, native advertising, power of native advertising

asun digital, native advertising, power of native advertisingThe modern idea of native advertising may have been introduced back in 2011, but native advertising often misunderstood and overlooked by brands and advertisers. Native ads not only increase brand awareness but also perform higher in key areas than traditional banner ads.

What Is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is paid advertising that blends in with whatever content the user is engaged with, or as the Native Advertising Institute puts it, “Native advertising is defined as the type of ads that are naturally meshed within editorial content.”

This means that the ads are made to go with the rest of the content just so it doesn’t ruin the user experience. Native ads can be articles, images, videos, but the key is that they seamlessly fit with the content type the user is engaging with.

The Rise of Native Advertising

The rise of native advertising

About three-quarters of US native display ad spending is on social ads, mostly because a large majority of display advertising is run on social media networks. Ever since its official introduction in 2011, native advertising has continued to rise and in 2018 is responsible for nearly 60% of all display advertising with over 45% of advertisers saying they already are using native advertising as a part of their marketing strategy.

One of the primary reasons for native’s rise is the increase of mobile advertising. More than 90% of native display dollars are invested in mobile advertising due to sites and apps that are designed specifically to include native ads.

How Does Native Advertising Work?

Similar to banner advertising, native ads are bought on display networks or websites, and advertisers pay based on impressions, clicks or engagement. Native ads show on many websites, but unlike banner ads, they are often not as “visual” and tend to be more text-based.

Their unique design and appearance means native ads drive more engagement than traditional banner ads, and reports show that native ads are trusted more by consumers and are more helpful and trusted than traditional display banners.

  • Reading a native ad headline yields 308x more time on consumer attention than processing an image or a banner.
  • Native ads yield 2 times more visual focus than banners and are read in the same manner as editorial headlines.
  • Native ads registered a 9% higher lift in brand affinity over banner ads.

Native advertising allows brands can put in various kinds of content, including articles, photos, videos, apps, images and also games. All of these can lead online visitors/users directly to the media publishers’ sites.

For an simple example of what native advertising is, think of newsfeed ads on Facebook or Twitter. They blend in seamlessly with the content and because of this are powerful tools to drive traffic and sales.

The Power of Native Advertising

Native advertising offers a number of benefits such as higher click-through-rates, lower CPC and increased engagement. The following list shows the power of native ads and why more advertisers and brands should consider native advertising as a core part of the digital marketing strategy.

1.   Higher Quality Traffic Is Attracted

In advertising, quality always triumphs over quantity, especially when it comes to online traffic. Companies that brag about getting more visitors than their competitors often overlook the kind of visitors they attract. For all they know, most of those visitors aren’t genuinely interested in the products and services of the brand.

The reason why native ads are more effective in attracting relevant and higher quality traffic is because of their custom targeting options. As a result, this helps advertisers place their ads in front of an audience that is actually interested in what they’re selling.

2.   Higher CTRs

It’s because of their adaptive design and in-feed placement that native ads have over 8 times more CTRs than traditional banner ads. Mobiles and tablets are the best places for native ads to be displayed because that’s where people spend most of their time on. When implemented correctly, native ads provide 7% more CTRs over standard ads.

3.   Native Ads Have a Lower Overall Cost Per Click

Because native ads provide excellent custom targeting, customers are shown ads that more accurately match their preferences. And this is what results in a lower cost-per-click as well as higher click-through rates. The main reason why they work is that they are not intrusive as the annoying pop-up ads or the pesky banner ads that you just can’t get away from, resulting in not only more qualified clicks but fewer “accidental” clicks.

4.    Higher Engagement

Those consumers who click on native advertisements spend as much of their time on click-through content as they would on the average publisher site. But this depends on the quality of the content that is presented to the consumers.

As a recent LinkedIn article reveals, native advertising has many benefits:

  • 85% of mobile users are “visually engaged” with native ads
  • Users are 53% more likely to look at a native ad than a banner ad
  • Mobile native ads deliver 6 times more conversions for brands than that of banner ads.
  • 32% of users would share native ads.
  • 15% of native ad viewers have purchase intent.

5.   Non-Disruptive

About 70% of consumers say that they will learn about a brand through content instead of traditional advertising. A huge benefit that native ads usually provide is their non-disruptive nature. Unlike traditional pop-up ads, these ads act as part of the whole content without spoiling a user’s browsing experience.

Native Ads Are The Real Deal

If you’re not currently running native ads as a part of your display advertising strategy, we encourage you to consider the benefits. As always, ASUN Digital is able to provide you with a strategy for adding native advertising to your campaigns.

Our Preferred Native Advertising Partner

As one of the leading programmatic display agencies in the world, ASUN Digital has extensive experience running native advertising campaigns for our clients. One of the leading programmatic platforms for native ads is StackAdapt. They started out focusing solely on native advertising, and their technology stands out at the top of the pack for advertisers looking to run a native advertising campaign.

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